More About the Book


Here’s a brief look at what you’ll learn in the pages of Entrepreneurial Freedom:  How to Start and Grow A Profitable Virtual Assistance Practice

Chapter One – Do you Have What it Takes?

 A complete look inside to see if you have the skills and spirit to start your business, and details of what you’ll need, money-wise, or how to obtain funding.

Chapter Two – Planning Your Business

What will your business look like?  Are you ready to go full-time, or part-time?  What equipment will you need?  This Chapter deals with the nuts and bolts of getting started, from how it will be organized, to business plans, contracts and record keeping.

Chapter Three – Branding

You want to hit the ground running and setting up the name of your business, what do include in your website, creating client criteria and formulating your professional image are just a few of the resources this Chapter will address.

Chapter Four – How to Find and Keep Clients

Detailed information about networking, communication with clients, overcoming objections, and customer service will be key elements in making your business grow.

Chapter Five – Professional Development

Do you need to continue your education?  Will you want to achieve certifications and join professional organizations?  What about industry and business conferences?  Turn to Chapter Five to get the scoop!

Chapter Six – Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations

Whether you have an unlimited budget, or just a shoestring, this Chapter helps you to understand what it takes to get your name out there, and keep the new clients coming in.

Chapter Seven – The Challenges of Working From Home

Helping you find balance between work and home can be a huge challenge.  Trying to maintain schedules and set boundaries are just a few of the things discussed in this Chapter.

Chapter Eight – Ethical Considerations

How should you represent yourself and your business entity?  What do clients expect in the way of confidentiality?  What are your options for keeping client data safe?  Check out Chapter Eight for all the details.

Chapter Nine – Growing Your Business

You’re up and running, and starting to show a profit…do you need more staff?  Should you hire or use sub-contractors.  Chapter nine covers all the angles including niche depth, and becoming a leader.  A great Chapter to round out your business adventure.

Extra Content

Beyond the scope of knowledge you’ll also have access to the results of our VA survey, sample documents and contracts.  Everything you’ll need to get your small business off the ground and growing in the right direction.

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