Entrepreneurial Freedom – Second Edition – The definitive “how to” for anyone looking to start or grow a small or home-based business; from deciding whether or not you have what it takes, to building a

successful and ethical business.  In this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Use business plans; contracts; and record keeping
  • Develop your Brand
  • Network
  • Handle difficult clients
  • Collect from non-paying clients

  • Develop a ‘professional’ YOU
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Use social media to expand and grow
  • Grow your business with employees or independent contractors
  • Shorten your learning curve by reading the real-life experiences of 24-established, professional entrepreneurs
  • And much, much more!

You’ll also see contract and form samples, a resource directory for each chapter and valuable information from other successful business owners that will encourage you to take the next step in your entrepreneurial adventure. 


“Entrepreneurial Freedom is a great ‘VA 101 course and reference for anyone serious about succeeding in the Virtual Assistance industry.”
Michael J. Russer, President RUSSER Communications
The “Father of Virtual Outsourcing” for the real estate industry


My search for THE industry handbook is over. Entrepreneurial Freedom is an articulate, comprehensive and invaluable resource for all virtual service providers realistically defining every facet of establishing, growing and maintaining a remote business support service. It soared to the top of the required reading list for our students.
Gretchen Berg, owner, Berg Business Solutions, Inc. and founder, Virtual Business Training 


As a veteran of the Virtual Assistance (VA) industry, I can absolutely say that this is THE book for VAs. I’ve read most of them and while they touch on many important things, the authors have managed to really capture all of the things you need to know – it doesn’t matter if you are brand-spanking new or looking for a “boost” to get you moving again. If you only read one business book this year, THIS should be the book you read — and have a highlighter handy!
Candy Beauchamp, OffAssist 


Have you considered…GOING GLOBAL?

I’ve always wondered if I could obtain international business, how would that look, what would I need to know, and would it be right for my particular business?

That’s what made me curious when I happened to connect with savvy VA, Carolyn Moncel who took her home-based Virtual Assistance practice from the comfort of her Chicago home to Paris, France, and beyond.

What I learned from having interviewed Carolyn made me realize that the timing was right to consider taking a closer look at what a global marketing initiative would or could do to increase my success.

NOW YOU CAN, TOO!  If you’ve ever wondered if taking your business global was right for your practice, you will be interested in my newest product, Going Global! Finding and Working With International Clients In Your Virtual Assistance Practice.

 This system includes my interview with Carolyn, and a 35 page booklet pulling all the information together about why this might be the BEST time for you to consider this new market share for your business.

This product provides in-depth information, resources and initiatives to help you decide if this potential business is the right fit for your Virtual Assistance practice.  We’ll help you learn:

  • · Firsthand details from a successful VA who took her business from the U.S. to Europe
  • · Why now is the best time to consider working globally
  • · Cultural considerations to establish international business
  • · Resources to help you find ‘English-speaking’ opportunities in foreign lands
  • · What characteristics, including speaking a second language achieve best results
  • · Networking initiatives to help you identify good markets for VA services
  • · Areas where you may find a similar work ethic to those shared by successful businesspeople in the U.S.
  • · What organizations will help get you in front of potential clients
  • · Choosing areas of the world based on their time zones as an advantageous option to potential prospects
  • · How to market to these areas
  • · Advantages and disadvantages of working internationally


You’ve probably always wondered whether or not you could grow your business internationally; now you’ll have the tools and resources available to you to find out about capturing business in this new and exciting way.


.                                                             Do you have a Marketing Plan?

 It’s one of the most important business documents for EVERY business owner, and yet, most people never put one together.  Really, I’ve heard and spoken just about all the excuses you can think of…

  • · I don’t have the time
  • · I’m trying a few things to see how they work and then I’ll create a plan
  • · I’m not sure where to start
  • · I don’t know what I need to include
  • · I really just want to do the projects

So what is your excuse?  I’ve taken this opportunity to put together a marketing plan system that I’ve been successfully using for the past three years—and let me tell you, my business has exploded over the past three years—in no small part, because of my marketing plan, and the fact that it’s a living, breathing plan that I update at least once a year.

NOW you can benefit from my research and testing with a fabulous new Marketing plan system designed to help you build a program you can manage and budget for….

INTRODUCING…The Grow Your Virtual Assistance Practice Marketing Plan System 

Get out of your own way and create the Marketing Plan you KNOW you need to keep your business growing, while increasing productivity and profitability for years to come.

This step-by-step system is like nothing else on the market today.  It gives you everything you need to create and implement a marketing plan system, including an in-depth marketing budget to stay on track and set goals to take your business where you never dreamed possible.

This system includes several CDs, the easy to follow step-by-step book, a print workbook to memorialize and develop your plan, or capture the details with the electronic file so you can continue to grow and evolve as your business becomes more successful.

DON’T WAIT – create a marketing system that will work for YOU and your business. This plan helps you establish:

  • · Your mission/vision
  • · Ideal Client Profile
  • · Your target market
  • · Determine the problems your target market needs you to solve
  • · How to market to them and where
  • · A workable marketing budget
  • · Creation of your marketing materials and message templates so you won’t be caught off guard or overwhelmed by implementation
  • · Clear business goals

And Two Bonus sections – Creating your Tagline and Infomercial – two important elements for marketing your business

I tried and failed with so many of my marketing plans over the years, until I got serious with myself about what it was going to take to create a workable and implementable plan that I could afford.  Let me save you that time and frustration and share my more than twelve years of experience in running a profitable virtual assistance practice.

We all know that how, when, and where we market our business is THE most important factor in creating a solid and profitable practice.  Don’t wait any longer; don’t struggle trying to market yourself inconsistently or using ineffective, piecemeal programs or ideas that won’t keep you on track or allow you to create a plan that fits your specific needs.  Get your business growing again by creating the Marketing Plan System that keeps you accountable to your own success.